FPS Explanation

Now it is more easier to Capture fast moving Subject with the help of https://photographyedify.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/shutter-speed-explanation/. But Capture is fast moving subject is not big deal. Big Deal is that capture lot's of images of fast moving subject so that we can read the subject expression. Now it will happen with the FPS that stands for Frame Per Second [...]

Picture Style Explanation

Picture Style is the image processing parameters. It is the easiest way to control over sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Tone basically Picture Style are the effect that allow us to create your own custom Picture Style. In Picture Style we have control over that particular type of Picture Style i.e We can customize the any [...]

Focusing Point Explanation

Focusing Points are Square and Reactangle like structure which photographer is able to see through the viewfinder of its DSLR. Many times you have notice that when you pressed half Shutter buttom a beep like sound occurs and that empty square and rectangle structure coloured into Red or Green. This Red or Green colours shows [...]

Focus Mode Explanation

In Photography focus is achieve through camera by pressing halfy Shutter button or sometimes by using back button focus which is set by the photographer in custom setting. In Focus mode of camera this can be done in 2 ways :- 1). Manually - In this focus photographer have to switch it to manually by [...]

Exposure Compensation Explanation

Exposure Compensation is used to Compensate the overall result that is made by the camera meter's i.e Exposure Compensation is used to change the result like Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO that is made by the camera. Exposure Compensation is Denoted by :- Exposure Compensation is marked in camera by the name of Stops. In Entry [...]