AF-lock, AE-lock, FE-lock Explanation

In field of photograph when you came to heard about AF-lock or AE-lock there is lots of confusion. Many of us till now dosen't know about these terms, But i hope by the end of this article you will be came to know about that. What is AE-lock AE-lock means autoexposure lock. But AE lock [...]

Sensors Size Explanation

Sensor Size is directly related to Crop Factor. Sensor Size plays a very important role in clicking the images There are various type of Sensor Size are as follows :- 1). Full Frame (36mmx24mm) - This is the largest sensor type it is equal to 35mm film. Full Frame sensor are 2x the largest than [...]

DSLR Sensor Explanation

DSLR Sensor is the most important and useful part of very camera body. This is not only a rectangular part these rectangular part converts Light Energy to directly photon or photo energy. It Determines the overall impact of image like Depth of field, Image Size, Phys -ical Size, dynamic range and so on.... DSLR Sensor [...]