FPS Explanation

Now it is more easier to Capture fast moving Subject with the help of https://photographyedify.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/shutter-speed-explanation/. But Capture is fast moving subject is not big deal. Big Deal is that capture lot's of images of fast moving subject so that we can read the subject expression. Now it will happen with the FPS that stands for Frame Per Second [...]

Extension Tube Explanation

Extension tube is most popular among macro photographer this is some think that every macro photographer should buy extension tube are basically the tube that is used to get closeup shots. Description Extension is the term used to describe the distance that the front element of your lens can be moved forwards. The further forward the [...]

AF-lock, AE-lock, FE-lock Explanation

In field of photograph when you came to heard about AF-lock or AE-lock there is lots of confusion. Many of us till now dosen't know about these terms, But i hope by the end of this article you will be came to know about that. What is AE-lock AE-lock means autoexposure lock. But AE lock [...]

DSLR Sensor Explanation

DSLR Sensor is the most important and useful part of very camera body. This is not only a rectangular part these rectangular part converts Light Energy to directly photon or photo energy. It Determines the overall impact of image like Depth of field, Image Size, Phys -ical Size, dynamic range and so on.... DSLR Sensor [...]