FPS Explanation

Now it is more easier to Capture fast moving Subject with the help of https://photographyedify.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/shutter-speed-explanation/. But Capture is fast moving subject is not big deal. Big Deal is that capture lot’s of images of fast moving subject so that we can read the subject expression.

Now it will happen with the FPS that stands for Frame Per Second

FPS – When you look at your Camera Description Box you will notice that FPS was written over there with some certain Number’s actually FPS is abbreviated to frame per second.

Use of FPS

FPS allow us to click multiple of images of same subject  to read the subject expression now it is easier for wildlife, Action photographer to click Action Images.

Although Entry Level DSLR have Low FPS e.g. 3,4,6 FPS which means they have low power of Capturing Action Images and Pro Level DSLR have high FPS e.g. 10,12,14 which allow them to capture Action images. During Switching to live view Some DSLR FPS increases to 1-2 FPS.

The speed at which a camera can shoot, depends on several factors.  This include the speed at which the shutter-mirror mechanism can re-cock itself and the speed of the camera’s internal memory.  When you shoot a photo, the camera first writes that photo to internal memory called the buffer.  The buffer then pushes the photo file over to your memory card.  This is where we can get a bottleneck in the process.  Higher end cameras use faster internal memory, which allows more photos to be written to it in a shorter time.  FPS can also be effected by the speed of your memory card!  If you have a camera that shoots 14 FPS, but you put a slow memory card in it, the camera can’t clear the buffer fast enough to continue shooting at its maximum pace.  For pro bodies, always use fast, pro-grade memory cards!

Sports and wildlife photographer pay the most attention to FPS because it can really make the difference when trying to capture that perfectly timed shot!

Is FPS Affects the DSLR Price Range

The Answer is Simple YES!

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