Extension Tube Explanation

Extension tube is most popular among macro photographer this is some think that every macro photographer should buy extension tube are basically the tube that is used to get closeup shots.



Extension is the term used to describe the distance that the front element of your lens can be moved forwards. The further forward the element, the closer your lens can focus to your subject. Extension tubes work by increasing the extension of your lenses. An extension tube is a hollow, light-tight tube that fits between your lens and your camera mount. It moves your lens further from the camera, and the front element closer to the subject. The closer you can focus, the more magnification you get.

In Depth

Extension tubes, generally speaking (it depends on the lens) get you closer to your subject than close-up lenses, in some closes nearly as close as you would be able to get with a macro lens.

There are two types of extension tube that you can buy:

The first, and the least expensive, don’t maintain the electrical connection between your lens and camera body.                                                                                                                                                        The camera can still handle exposure – just set it to aperture priority or program mode. The biggest drawback of these extension tubes is aperture control. If your lenses don’t have manual aperture rings (i.e. the aperture setting is controlled by the camera) then the lens aperture will remain locked open at the widest aperture. While wide apertures can be used creatively, the narrow depth-of-field you get with close-up photography means that you usually need to stop down to get a large enough zone of sharpness to suit the image.                                                                                                                                              However, if you have a lens with a manual aperture ring, this may not matter too much, as you can stop down manually (although the viewfinder will get darker as you do so, making it hard to see at small apertures).

The second type of extension tube is one with electrical contacts that maintains communication between the lens and camera body. The camera controls the aperture settings, and you can use any automatic exposure mode and also Auto-focus (although it is often easier to focus manually when you’re working close-up).

How to use Extension Tube


Extension tubes is fitted  between your camera body and the lens. Make sure you get the right type for your camera body connector. I recommend attaching the tube onto the lens first, then mount the whole thing to the camera body.

Why Extension Tube are Useful

When we increases the distance of the lens further away from the body of the camera, it allows them to move closer to what they are photographing while at the same time keeping focus. This is particularly useful for macro photography where you want to be as close to the subject as possible. Without the extension tube your digital camera will uncontrollably blink numerous times to let you know your too close and you won’t be able to take the photograph until you move further away.

Do Extension tube effects image quality

The Answer is Simple – NO

Manufacturer Brand’s

  • Kenko and its Macro Automatic Extension Tube Set DG
  •  Canon EF 12 II Extension Tube
  •  Xit XTETC and its Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube Set
  • Olympus EX-25mm Macro Extension Tube
  • Fotodiox and its Macro Extension Tube Set
  • Zeikos ZE-CVAFC Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube
  • Fotodiox Canon EOS and its Macro Extension Tube Set
  • Vivitar 3-Set Macro Extension Tube

Advantages of Extension Tube

  • Often minimum loss in quality due to lack of optical elements.
  • Cheaper in buying.
  • Light weight and easy to pack compared to macro lens.

Disadvantages of Extension Tube

  • A lens can not focus at infinity with an extension tube on it.
  • Minimal effect to magnification on longer focal lengths.
  • It Cause vignetting at wide apertures and stack heights.


Extension Tube is best for those macro photographer who do not wanted to purchase more expensive macro lens. Although it does not effect the image quality.

Image Source : – Kenkoglobal.com, adorama.com

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