AF-lock, AE-lock, FE-lock Explanation

In field of photograph when you came to heard about AF-lock or AE-lock there is lots of confusion. Many of us till now dosen’t know about these terms, But i hope by the end of this article you will be came to know about that.

What is AE-lock

AE-lock means autoexposure lock. But AE lock was about the DSLR parameters that is Shutter-Speed, Aperture, ISO.

When you have to click a series of photo with same Exposure setting after using this AE lock button you can click the series of photo of same exposure setting. This AE lock are mostly used by the wedding photographer because they have to mainly focus on bridge and bridge are not moving subject, So they mostly use AE lock.

What is AF-lock

AF-lock means Autofocus lock. This ia very important part of locking system because AF lock is locking focus So, that your image got sharpen this AF lock is achieve by pressing half shutter-button after pressing that your selected focusing Point get active and ready to absorve contrast. As in entry level DSLR there are basically 9 Focusing Point and among 9 Focusing Point Center one is more accurate as it is Cross-Type as it is not possiable that our main subject should be in front of Center Focusing Point. In that case AF-lock button help us after getting focus over your subject press AF-lock button after pressing this button your focus get locked and you can recompose your image. This is the best way to capture amazing recompose images.

What is FE-lock

FE lock means Flash exposure lock. This is something intresting. When you look towards your DSLR display there is a scale of Flash that scale is flash exposure compensation scale. In somr DSLR there is seprate button for FE lock but, in some camera it is set by using M-fn button. In some camera you can lock it for 15seconds in some camera you just have to press that particular button. FE lock is used to lock flash exposure reading and compensation.

Below link help you to get more understanding of FE-lock :-

For Nikon ☝

For Canon ☝

Image Source :- Photographylife

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