DSLR Sensor Explanation


DSLR Sensor is the most important and useful part of very camera body. This is not only a rectangular part these rectangular part converts Light Energy to directly photon or photo energy. It Determines the overall impact of image like Depth of field, Image Size, Phys -ical Size, dynamic range and so on….

DSLR Sensor is a Solid Rectangular Device in which very very minute connection is install to convert energy of light to directly photon or photo energy.

In Early day the DSLR Sensor are not that much impact-full but, due to very tough competition between Brands there is amazing improvement on Sensor.

In your DSLR Sensor there is division on the basic of Pixel that is very smallest unit and and largest unit is Megapixel *** 1 Million Pixel = 1 Mega Pixel. And these megapixel only decide the impact of overall image.

There is many other terms related to DSLR Sensor like Crop Factor and so on…. i will discus all about this in coming next post.   

Sensor Type

There are only 2 Sensor type:-

1). CCD – Charged Couple Device.

2). CMOS – Complementary metal oxide Semi-Conductor.


CCD – This sensor is used in old camera(1995-20010) approx in beginner camera’s and bridge camera’s. This Sensor got a Superior Image Quality with better dynamic range and better Noise Control. The working system of CCD sensor is quite bad than CMOS this is because the CCD Sensor works on Passive processing i.e. When a light falls on CCD Sensor now senor start converting that falling light into photons or photo energy the processing of CCD Sensor in this converting sensor when light ready to convert into photo energy all the pixel or photo-sides are moves from same colony know as Amplifier to convert into Photo Energy.

CMOS – This Sensor is used in 21th Century camera’s. This Sensor is available in only Intermediate and Advance camera’s but, Now day beginner camera’s also have CMOS Sensor. This Sensor provide’s Inferior image quality, Inferior dynamic range, required less power, and provide more efficiency, provide us high burst rate. CMOS Sensor works  on active processing i.e. when light falls on CMOS sensor in this each pixel or photo-side divide into 2 Small Photo diode and have it’s own amplifier that convert falling light in to Photo energy on the spot.

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